We are an investment and operating management company injecting capital and value-add interim executive management services to our investees. We provide advisory services from strategic planning to co-investing/co-financing including equity crowdfunding and public venture capital. We are entrepreneurs, professional managers,  and financial investors in health, technology, and mining. We align ourselves with your mission, vision, and values, as we co-manage and co-develop your ventures from funding to exit.

Jointly, we create shareholder value by leveraging your competitive position, and by leveraging our education, decades of experience, expertise as professional managers including: capital investment management, corporate finance, legal/regulations, business and corporate development (M&A), reorganization and restructuring, building business infrastructures. Our initial objective is to prepare your company become more investor ready by jointly working through a strategic planning process, leading to an evidenced-based actionable plans. Together, we are effective only when we agree on a time-based achievement of results or outcomes.

Value-add Advisory Services

  • Strategic planning and execution
  • Interim C-suite executive management services
  • Marketing of  private equity raise in the United States (JOBS Act Title II Reg D Rule 506(c) and Title IV Reg A+) or  in Canada at regulated third party equity funding platforms, or  public venture capital through traditional stock exchanges
  • Corporate governance and securities rules compliance
  • Mergers and acquisition
  • Reorganization and restructuring