Preferred Sectors

4333626_origHealth Sector

We are seeking  early revenue stage ventures through Healthy Crowdfunder Corp, an affiliate focused on preventive, predictive and personalized health, ideally generating $5 million revenue range within British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, or Washington (US).

Among others, this includes health and wellness, health tech, organics, functional foods, cosmeceuticals, technology enabled apparel,  fitness. We are also exploring joint ventures in the cannabis  verticals, its nutraceutical and  medicinal applications, with the eventually listing the venture at a recognized Canadian or US stock exchange.




1401049578Consumer, Manufactured Products, Technology

We are seeking companies generating revenues from $5 to $10 million, a huge global growth potential including health, food, technology enabled sectors, and health centric real estate developments.

We also seek development stage businesses without EBITDA, provided the management has or is seeking a clear pathway to exit within the 3 to 5 year horizon. The exit strategy may be by sale to buy side funds, strategic buyers, or a going public event at a recognized stock exchange.



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