Why [street name] Likes It When CEOs Talk About Their Strategies

Certainty, certainty, certainty! That’s not too much to ask, is it?

Following through my blog about  How to Win More Investors – Raise Your Trustworthiness Score it does not matter whether you are the CEO of Wall Street, Howe Street, Bay Street, Main Street (for public companies) or in the back alley of Yaletown (for private companies) all investors want certainty, predictability. They want to know where you are going to take them in order to increase shareholder value. They want to know your why you are taking them there; why your team is the right team that can get you there at the current life stage of the business; how you are going to take them there, with what resources or assets to get there. Equally as important, when are you going to reach your destination (milestones, end goals)? After all, time is gold. Manage it well and your business becomes a gold mine where you can spin out other value creating assets.

Let me share with you a Harvard article: Wall Street Rewards CEOs Who Talk About Their Strategies  written by  Richard Whittington, Basak Yakis-Douglas, and Kwangwon Ah.   Watch this 2-minute video   to get the main thrust of it.


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