Antonio A Arias

CEO and Founder Antonio has acquired decades of diversified knowledge and experience with major corporations involved in mining, health, technology, and venture finance. As a professional manager principally at development to production stage mines, he was accountable as a board director, CFO and CAO of publicly listed companies. In building huge mines, he was instrumental to raising and managing up to $400 million and $300 million, equity and debt financing, respectively. In 1999, one of them exited by a sale to Barrick Gold, the world’s largest gold producer.

As an entrepreneur and investor in health and financial technology, Antonio’s current mission is to help fix the broken healthcare and capital markets in collaboration with other professionals.  He is also the founder of Healthy Crowdfunder Corp, a startup stage equity funding platform, connecting investors and issuers in the health space. Its planned launch in the United States is deferred until the SEC releases a more economically feasible Title III rules. Meanwhile, he is seeking to co-finance and co-develop startups or SMEs amenable to a longer term working relationship from funding to exit.  The health and wellness sector is underdeveloped and under-capitalized while the capital markets are operating with outdated technology and securities regulations.

Antonio is a former professional accountant,  a previous corporate finance lecturer and graduate at The British Columbia Institute of Technology. He is now focused more on the co-development and co-financing of small to medium sized enterprises within the private and public capital markets in the US and in Canada.